Flight Simulator Project

TRCM voted at the February meeting to take on a community project and also donate $250 towards the updating of the flight simulator at the World of Wonders Science Museum here in Lodi. If you're not familiar with the WOW Science Museum, you should be. Their mission is to offer hands-on, science-based exhibits and programs to stimulate discovery for all ages, and they are a non-profit organization. They have over 50,000 visitors a year and do a wonderful job.

On the project committee was Bill Churchill, Greg Hennefer, Al Doucette, Hal Singer and our President Bob Kellar.

 Greg arranged with Bill Stokes to borrow a trailer, picked it up and towed it out to Bill Churchills shop. On Monday, February 15th Bill towed the trailer to the WOW Museum so that we could load and transport the flight sim to his shop for a place to work. TRCM members who helped were Greg, Bert, Bill, Nancy and myself. The Flight sim is actually the aircraft size, about 16’ long, 7' wide, and 8’ tall and weighs 800 pounds. Once we dismantled the glass door on the museum so that we were able to get it outside, two homeless guys came over and offered to help us push it up onto the trailer. Together all the man-power (and lady power) along with a manual winch made it up on the trailer and secured for the ride out to Bill’s. I noticed Greg slip our assistants some cash so they were very happy.

Arriving at Bill’s shop, we reversed the process except this time we had the assistance of Bill and his new Kubota tractor with fork lift prongs attached. Within an hour it was securely in his shop and ready to be inspected and a plan drawn up. After discussing the Museum’s needs for the simulator with them and the fact that children as young as 5-6 greatly enjoy it, we decided to install a looping in-cockpit flight video on High Definition monitors along with switches, lights, and surround sound. We were very tempted to turn it into an actual working simulator using Real Flight...

I'll let our President Bob Kellar take over from here:

Your Simulator Upgrade Team loaded up the simulator and transported it to the WOW Museum today, March 29th.  After approximately two months of work, over 400 man/hours, the job was finished and the simulator moved to it's new/old home.  Upgrades included: Complete removal of the old systems, reconstruction of the display and instrument panel areas, new flat screen HD monitors and a new PC to drive them, and new video software. Also added were videos of flying in a A10 at low level and of an air show flying a Euro-fighter, complete new wiring and lighting and new paint everywhere, new instruments and refurbished switches with lighted LEDs and fun buttons to push. A little cleaning and some wax, and presto!

Delivery was made possible by a trailer loaned to us again by Tom Stokes and piloted by Greg Hennefer. Pushing and shoving was the name of the game but....

Success was achieved and the staff at the WOW Museum were very excited to have their "New & Improved" simulator back on display. WOW staff advised us that April and May are their busiest months and they anticipate upwards of 10,000 kids will visit the museum during those months while on field trips and private family visits.  TRCM will have our logo on the front of the simulator as soon as they arrive from Callie Graphics.

The moving team included Bill Churchill, Al Doucette, Mark Huntley, Mike Mancebo, Greg Hennefer and Bob Kellar.  Thanks to all of you for giving of your time and effort.

Construction credit is as follows:

Bill Churchill-Chief of Engineering and Construction

Al Doucette-1st Asst. Engineering and Construction

Hal Singer- Chief of Electronics, Computers and all other Geek things

Bob Kellar- Gofer (i.e. "Go for lag bolts, go for paint." etc.)

Greg Hennefer- Transportation and Procurement

All club members are invited to stop by the WOW Museum in Lodi and see the results of the team's work.  Just show your TRCM membership card at the front desk and tell them you are here to see the simulator and you can check it out without charge.

TRCM Thanks these folks who contributed to our Flight Sim Project:
David Mair of DMKS Productions of Austria for the videos.
Lincoln Shopping Center in Stockton for the computer.


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